Software for Hexapods

Easy Control of Complex Motion

Due to their parallel kinematic structure, hexapods necessitate a particularly complex control system. For example, the position coordinates are given in virtual Cartesian axes which are then converted into positioning commands for the individual actuators by the controller. PI supplies special software that allows more convenient operation and integration for the 6-axis positioners.

Simulations Programs

Determining Motion and Work Space

The limits of the work space vary depending on the current postion of the hexapod (translation and rotation coordinates) and the current coordinates of the pivot point. A special software tool included with each PI hexapod calculates these limits and displays them graphically.

Checking the Permissible Load

The load limit of the hexapod varies as a function of a number of factors: The starting position of the hexapod system, the installation position of the hexapod, the payload and position of its center of mass, the position (translation and rotation coordinates) of the moved hexapod platform, as well as the forces and moments acting on the moved platform of the hexapod.

PIVeriMove: Avoiding Collisions in Limited Work Spaces

An additionally available PI simulation software tool enables offline graphical configuration and simulation of the hexapod in the application environment. Computer-aided design (CAD) data of objects can be imported or approximated with simple shapes such as cylinders and cuboids. PIVeriMove then checks resulting restrictions in the work space. Implemented in the controller firmware or the application software, this prevents the hexapod from approaching positions where the platform or the mounted load would collide with the surroundings.

Software Emulators

The Hexapod System as a Virtual Machine

It is often desirable to implement the customer software or check the requisite work space for the task on hand early on without the system yet being available on site. PI supplies a suitable software that can be used to realize a complete hexapod system (hexapod mechanics and controller, possibly including peripherals) as a virtual machine on the host PC. This allows application programs to be developed and pretested, different load scenarios to be simulated and the work space determined before receiving the system, saving significant cost and development time. And everything is ready for use at the time of delivery!

Mobile Devices

Mobile Control of the PI Hexapods with PITouch

The hexapod system can also be controlled wirelessly from mobile Apple iOS devices. A corresponding app enables command control via a touch screen, motion sensors, or via a command input window with the expected precision.

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Hexapod-Specific Software

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TEC74 10/2017
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